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FOR RELEASE: 9 January 2008


A resolution from a Roman City Council Member, Mario Staderini, shall be part of Pastor Michael Vincent Crea's appeal to Judge Melissa Jackson to set aside the guilty verdict of disrupting a religious service last April 3 at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Not guilty of trespassing but for saying a prayer for Cardinal Egan and other Catholic authorities to recognize and to recieve the violated, Pastor Crea could be given a one year prison sentence.

However, the Pastor believes his action, as well, as support of Roman Council member Staderini may have succeeded, as Pope Benedict XVI called on Sunday for 1 billion Catholics worldwide to follow the pastor's lead in "lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness" of the ecclesiastical crimes and their cover-up.

The pastor's own prayer remains constant that "Charity begins at home in Rome," where the Holy father must invite and face-to-face receive the violated for true recognition, restitution and reconciliation to occur.

Unlike other Catholic authorities in Boston, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Washington, to date, neither the late Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI nor Cardinal Edward Egan have received personally any othe those violated within the Church.

City Council of Rome Resolution

Sponsored by Councilor Mario Staderini, Vice President of the Municipal Council of Historic Central Rome


Whereas, in the course of the recent past years many cases of sexual violence against minors perpetrated by the Catholic clergy have come to light;

Whereas, in that same period the hierarchy of the Catholic church has always avoided to meet, outside the legal context, the victims of such a violence;

Whereas, such a phenomenon of priest pedophilia, especially in the USA, has provoked a great commotion and scandal in the public at large and in the entire Catholic community;

Whereas, one of those victims was Michael Vincent Crea, now a Pastor, has been leading a effort to obtain a meeting between the hierarchy of the Catholic clergy and the victims of such a violence, so that a human and spiritual reconciliation can take place;

Be it resolved, therefore,

That the President of the Municipal zone of the "Rome historical center" will ask Pope Benedict XVI to proclaim the day of December 28th, 2007 , the religious holiday dedicated to the Holy Family, the day of a worldwide reconciliation with the victims of the Vatican pedophilia, and have all the victims, in each of the Catholic dioceses all over the world, meet with all the bishops responsible for those dioceses.

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Date: January 8, 2008 9:13:56 AM EST

To: Michael Vincent Crea , "Staderini, Mario"

Cc: "Cannone, Italo"


Ciao Michael Vincent,

I attach the resolution that I wanted to vot in the council but it was impossible fot procedural problem andh few time till 28 december I hope you all the best fot the sentencing, and that's true, Popo said sunday something similar you asked!



Premesso Che nel corso di questi anni sono emersi con evidenza numerosissimi casi di violenza sessuale nei confronti di soggetti minorenni da parte di sacerdoti e preti appartenenti alla Chiesa cattolica

Che nel medesimo periodo le alte gerarchie della Chiesa cattolica non hanno ancora avuto una pubblica occasione per incontrare, al di fuori di contesti legali, tutte le vittime di episodi di pedofilia;


Che il fenomeno della pedofilia dei preti è emerso in tutta la sua evidenza negli Stati Uniti d’America, suscitando nell’opinione pubblica e nell’intera comunità cattolica grande scandalo e turbamento;

che una di queste vittime, Michael Vincent Crea, oggi pastore, sta conducendo una battaglia per ottenere che i rappresentanti della Chiesa cattolica incontrino le vittime degli atti di pedofilia per una riconciliazione umana e spirituale:


Il Presidente del Municipio “Roma centro storico” a sottoporre a Papa Benedetto XVI l’opportunità di fare del 28 dicembre 2007, festa della sacra famiglia, una giornata mondiale di riconciliazione con le vittime della pedofilia vaticana, attraverso l’incontro tra loro ed i responsabili delle diocesi

Mario Staderini
VicePresidente del Consiglio del Municipio “Roma centro storico”